All in between the Hyundai Santro vs. Tata Tiago

All in between the Hyundai Santro vs. Tata Tiago

Hyundai is all back with its all-time legendary model, Hyundai Santro with all new and refreshed look and features. If we talk about Tiago then it is from the most trusted Indian brand Tata. Like all other Tata cars, it also offers an amazing design with a lot more effective features. Both of these models are the biggest rivals for each other.

Both of these models are the entry-level hatchback models in the B-segment. Both of these models offer big engines and bigger size and the much detailed and exclusive features list. Whereas both of these models are in the same price bucket.

Here we have compiled a thorough comparison of these phenomenal hatchback cars for your better understanding;

Price Matters

The ex-showroom Tata Tiago price begins at the base petrol model with ₹ 3.4 lakh , and it goes up to ₹ 6.05 Lakhs for top-notch petrol model.  And for its base Diesel version, it starts with ₹ 4.58 Lakh, and goes up to ₹ 6.8 Lakh for its top-notch diesel model. (Tata Tiago price may vary as per your specific location)

For the Hyundai Santro, the base petrol begins at ₹ 4.24 Lakh and it goes up to ₹ 5.95 Lakh for the completely stacked Petrol model. Whereas the price of base Santro Petrol plus CNG version begins at ₹ 5.7 Lakh and goes up to ₹ 6.14 Lakh for the top-notch Petrol plus CNG model.

Which provides better fuel efficiency?

Concerning the asserted fuel efficiency of Tata Tiago, whereas the base petrol model is found to be of 24km/l. and for the diesel model it is found around 27 km/l

For Hyundai Santro, whereas the base Petrol model is found to be as 20 km/l. And for the petrol plus CNG base model it is found to be 31Km/l.

Which has better engine power?

The Tata Tiago engine comes in 1 for petrol motor and 1 for diesel engine alternatives with 84 bhp for petrol and 69 bhp for diesel engines.

While for the Hyundai Santro, it comes in 1 for Petrol and 1 for petrol plus CNG motor alternatives with 69 bhp Petrol, 59 bhp petrol, plus CNG.

Which one is more spacious?

For the Tata cars Taigo model, the dimensions of are 3746mm X 1647mm X 1535mm. It offers a boot space of 242L and ground clearance of 165mm.

For the Hyundai Santro, The dimensions of Santro is found to be 3610mm X 1645mm X 1560mm (length X width X height). It offers a boot space of 235L and ground clearance of 165mm.

Select the best suiting your need and budget, but go through the essential comparison between Hyundai Santro vs. Tata Tiago to decide which suits your style and need as both are in the almost same price range.

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