Which Japanese brands sell good buses:

Which Japanese brands sell good buses:

It’s a universal fact that when it comes to manufacturing vehicle the biggest and most prominent name is japan. Japan is also the giant of vehicle exporting business. On average japan produces around 1,16,000 buses a year.

The buses made in Japan are sought after by the whole world as they are the most comfortable. They are most suitable, reliable and durability. They are super-efficient and gives the best worth of money compared to others. There is a huge variety of bus type as well, that includes, school buses, vans, larger or mini buses, wheel chair access bus as well as Marco buses. Japan makes sure that is has a type available for every walk of life.

Every country around the world is in need for buses, huge countries like Hong Kong, Australia as well as Africa import used buses from Japan , as they are the most reliable and cost-effective vehicles. Other than buses they also export spare parts as well.

List of Japanese brands that sell buses:

  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Fuso
  • Toyota:

When it comes to companies that manufacture vehicles, then the biggest name we have is the Toyota company. The success of Toyota lies in their code of conduct and their values. They make sure that the laws of every nation they work in are abided. They also keep in mind the culture and environment of every country they work in.

The most pronounce value of Toyota is that they make sure their product is no harm to the environment.  Using a many innovations and technologies as they can get their hands on to get the best of the best put there. Toyota has been serving the world for 75 years now, and they have been par excellence. From the 30’s till today, they have been impeccable with their desgns as well as there innovations.

  • Honda:

Honda was second largest automobile manufacturer of japan in 2001. As for 2015 it made the eighth position on the list of biggest vehicle manufacturer in the world. they produce a lot more than 14 million combustion engines very year.

Honda busses are luxury as well as comfort. They have sturdy frames and the best features ever. They are perfect passenger cars. The buses are loved and bought all over the world for their reliability.

  • Mitsubishi:

The company started back in 1950 and since then it has been a known manufacturer of every kinds of vehicles, from cars to busses to trucks. You name it they have it. they believe in making the most vibrant cars to decorate the world with. Just like their cars, their truck has been very popular as well.

  • Fuso:

Fuso have been producing buses for over 80 years now. All this experience also shows in the make and comfort of their buses as well. The bus parts are made in Japan and are also assembled in Japan as well. there are deluxe as well as standard bus types, the seating ranges from 25 to 20 people. They are super comfortable as well as safe. It comes with a reverse camera as well as sperate seat belts for very seat


The vehicle companies of Japan have been there for more than 80 years, and they are going stronger than ever. Japan is the king of vehicle manufacturers. The buses manufactured in japan are the best among the world’s buses. They assure comfort, reliability as well as safety. All the companies make sure that they work according to the economic condition of the country’s as well as global conditions.

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